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The act of measuring the length, girth, circumference, and ejaculatory abilities of ones penis. Often used in foreplay to impress the female.

This is also a standard procedure performed on anyone applying to the Cumpatriot Society of Homies, led by the notorius street gang BC Ballers
D-Shiznit: Woah bro! Did you hear that Miles cockulated himself?
A-Dawg: No, i didnt hear that yet, holmes! What were his cockulations?
D-Shiznit: It turns out that he has a whopping 3 and a half inch penis!
A-Dawg: Brodawg, we should go cockulate ourselves!
D-shiznit: Totes holmes! Il go grab my Cockulator and some Mens Fitness magazines!
by A-dawgdizzle October 18, 2009