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A professional who specialises in making cocktails.
'My best friend is a cocktologist, she is good at mixing cocktails'

(Nothing to do with handling cock at all!)
by keen-as-a-bean! July 13, 2011
A chick that loves dicks, talks about them openly around all her friends. loves all shapes and sizes. Has done her home work.
The last girl I dated was quite the cocktologist.
by Jackjack77 August 20, 2009
A woman with a great knowledge of handling the cock monster. With precision speed and control she has the power to release the evil huevo juice hidden within the hairy nutsack. Cocktologists have a nack to satisfy your mushroom tip in near seconds.
This bitch sucked me off last night, i think she's a cocktologist from the school of hard cocks.
by ICKYTRAX September 13, 2008

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