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Someone who is intensly disliked and/or hated. Must be used in an English accent. Can be used for things as well as people
George Bush is a Cocktit
Gordon Brown is also a Cocktit
You're acting like a real Cocktit right now
Luke is a Cocktit
by Knee Co October 01, 2007
73 11

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The nickname of a large boobed asian chick whose volleyball number is 1 which sits firmly between her voluptuous orbs simulating a penis, creating the image of a cock in between tits.
Cock Tits kicked ass on the court tonight!
Yeah, CT really can deliver it.
by J-Crew September 28, 2006
24 10
noun. Term referring to a man's testicles or balls. Also known as "dick boobs".
All this humidity really gets my cock-tits sweating.
by behindtheblindfold July 13, 2010
1 3