A hemaphrodite that is a hooker or slut.
Joe- Fuck off!
Mike-No you, Cock tart
everyone- hahahahahaha!!!
by Omar I. May 18, 2005
Top Definition
To recieve oral sex with poptart filling covering ones penis.
Dude, my girlfriend just asked if she could give me a cocktart again, I swear she likes the flavor more than she likes me...
by Team Anchorage August 30, 2010
1.)Term of endearment from a guy to his sexually deviant girlfriend. (note: make sure she IS a sexual deviant before utterring the word "cocktart")

2.) Female version of Fucktard.
I love you, Cocktart!
by Jeff Anderson December 22, 2005
a tasty pastry made of cock
Momma bear's cocktart was too hot, Papa bear's was too cold, but baby bear's was just right!
by cocktart June 21, 2003
when ever a fully erect penis is smeared on both end with a tart frosting topping and then is stuck into a girls mouth where she proceeds to lick it off like a tasty treat
I gave that ho a treat last night a cock tart
by kipper 29 May 19, 2007
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