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A tale a guy tells to a guy about how they got laid where it happened who it was with what time they did it.
Ron: Hey did I tell you about how i got Jessica?
Tim: Dude I already heard this cock tale a million times!
by jakerater June 18, 2007
A Song by Too $hort about all the girls, bitches, girlfriends, hos, whores, groupies, etc he has
Cocktales the song rules.
it's on Short Dogg's "Cocktails" CD
by lil pimpin' June 19, 2006
A sot's wildly exaggerated personal account of an alleged sexual romp, spun repeatedly (with additional embellishments) to a slobbering posse of sex-deprived losers.
Uh-oh, Frank just knocked over his drink reaching into his wallet for a prop condom. Looks like he's about to spill another cocktale.
by loincloth January 03, 2008
Sharing tales of getting tail: a recount of promiscuous encounter with the opposite sex. The stories may be funny, but they also tend to be quite embarrassing.
Friend: Dude, tell me about your cocktale last night!
Cocktale Sharer: Bro, it was awful. First, I couldn't figure out how to un-do her bra. Then, we were walked in on twice! Worst night ever!
by cocktaler January 01, 2011