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Someone who is (or pretends to be) clueless about how to prevent pregnancy.
You're taking Vanessa to the prom? I heard from Jack, Ted, Brad, Hector, and Troy that she's a real pregnoramus. You better take some condoms.
by loincloth January 11, 2008
A sot's wildly exaggerated personal account of an alleged sexual romp, spun repeatedly (with additional embellishments) to a slobbering posse of sex-deprived losers.
Uh-oh, Frank just knocked over his drink reaching into his wallet for a prop condom. Looks like he's about to spill another cocktale.
by loincloth January 03, 2008
The slanguage of sex addicts.
Before attending his first meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous, Jeremy was required to complete a pubonics class offered at the local community college (entry in rear). For homework he ravaged three muff puppies, boned two tuna, and phoned it in on a booty call.
by loincloth January 03, 2008
The rite of cutting off of the foreskin of a celebrity couple's male offspring, turned into a media circus by the paparazzi.
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's plans for a private bris for their son Liam turned into a three ring circumcision when a swag-bellied swarm of acrobatic paparazzi tumbled into the rite of passage.
by loincloth January 03, 2008
A pubric is a scoring tool used by those teachers seeking pubescent partners. Specifically, it is used to assess a student's performance in extracurricular activities.
After Billy wildly exceeded her rigid pubric expectations, Miss Funovits culled him from the herd.
by loincloth November 06, 2007
An imbecile who abuses the tor online anonymity software to troll IRC channels. Their behavior is that of a moron.
Yet another toron worthy of /ignore.
by loincloth January 03, 2008
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