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A tale a guy tells to a guy about how they got laid where it happened who it was with what time they did it.
Ron: Hey did I tell you about how i got Jessica?
Tim: Dude I already heard this cock tale a million times!
by jakerater June 18, 2007
A Song by Too $hort about all the girls, bitches, girlfriends, hos, whores, groupies, etc he has
Cocktales the song rules.
it's on Short Dogg's "Cocktails" CD
by lil pimpin' June 19, 2006
Sharing tales of getting tail: a recount of promiscuous encounter with the opposite sex. The stories may be funny, but they also tend to be quite embarrassing.
Friend: Dude, tell me about your cocktale last night!
Cocktale Sharer: Bro, it was awful. First, I couldn't figure out how to un-do her bra. Then, we were walked in on twice! Worst night ever!
by cocktaler January 01, 2011
A sot's wildly exaggerated personal account of an alleged sexual romp, spun repeatedly (with additional embellishments) to a slobbering posse of sex-deprived losers.
Uh-oh, Frank just knocked over his drink reaching into his wallet for a prop condom. Looks like he's about to spill another cocktale.
by loincloth January 03, 2008
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