A sexual formation consisting of eight naked dudes surrounding one chick. It is only an official cocktagon when all eight dudes are erect.
Sarah stumbled into an orgy by mistake and swiftly found herself directly in the middle of a "cocktagon."
by hesgotjokes March 27, 2011
Top Definition
The geometric building in which leading military minds devise weaponry to punish rogue vagina-states. Cutting edge research within this institution has led to the development of weapons of ass destruction including the heat-seeking moisture missile and the morning rocket, as well as smaller scale devices such as the tongue-dart.
Secretary Cocksfeld is meeting with high-level cocktagon officials today to decide which missile to deploy into the South American rogue vagina-state of Bolabia.
by Mjolnir November 07, 2006
An octagonal cockfighting arena in the phillipenes. Reserved for the only the best of cocks and their owners.
phillipine guy 1: Oh yeah, he looks like he's got a real chance of going on to the cocktagon.

Jesus: yes, yes he does.
by got_human? February 26, 2005
The imaginary perimeter around a male that defines a fight or fuck decision. Similar to cock-circle. When someone crosses the cocktagon, it's on. You're either fucken or fighting.
Ashley entered my cocktagon, and she couldn't walk for a week. When Jason entered my cocktagon, he couldn't see for a week.
by 7 inch cocktagon March 18, 2016
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