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A sexual formation consisting of eight naked dudes surrounding one chick. It is only an official cocktagon when all eight dudes are erect.
Sarah stumbled into an orgy by mistake and swiftly found herself directly in the middle of a "cocktagon."
by hesgotjokes March 27, 2011
A skank who has been ambushed from the side or the back and finds herself suddenly having sex, but likes it.
-Dude did you hear about Jackie?
-No. What happened?
-Jared just popped out of the bushes naked and started having sex with her. It was the craftiest thing I had ever seen in my life.
-What a skank.
-I'd say more like a Flanked Skank.
by hesgotjokes March 27, 2011
The state a guys penis is in after being squirted with the juice of a citrus fruit. This sometimes happens purposely to eliminate and annoying erection.
-Dude, why are you crying?
-My erection has lasted about 3 hours, so my only choice was to make it Citric Flaccid with this lemon I found.
-That must have stung pretty bad.
-Ya, but at least my erection is gone.
by hesgotjokes March 27, 2011
A situation in which a circle of naked guys take turns having sex with one person.
Susan had a rough day, so she decided to call a few of her guy friends and enter into the "circle of thrust."
by hesgotjokes March 27, 2011
A situation in which a person is pressured into performing oral sex.
Tim and Erica had been dating for a few months. Tim told Erica to give him oral sex. She then found herself "under the gun."
by hesgotjokes March 27, 2011
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