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A whore that can deep throat enormous man parts. The woman grabs the 15 inch monster and jams it down her esophagus.
John: hey you offer any "special" services ?
Whore: ehh sucky sucky 5 dolla ?
John: hell yeah lets do this biotch
Whore:*unzips guys pants* grr goguuaa go ohhh brr aah

John: Holy sh!t ! Your a Fu%&ing cock snake !!!
Whore: *Dies of Asphyxiation*
John : Mother Fu$8 what the fuc&ing hell am i going to do with this bitch !!!!!!
by Mr McJohnson May 17, 2009
39 4
A word used to describe anyone who is far beyond the "douche bag" status. A person who slithers & lives in anothers underwear. A total brown noser.
Bob is a real cocksnake. He has been in the boss's drawers trying to get that promotion.
by idrum6969 January 21, 2009
2 2