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The opening at the end of the penis. 2. When your best friend turns into a nagging fucking whining bitch, he/she becomes this. 3. A failed attempt at being human.
"Dude, I think my cocknostril is infected...

"Shut up man, you're turning into a cocknostril".

Person 1: "Hey look at that homeless bum!"

Person 2: "Yeah, that guy's a cocknostril."
by Ubersturmbannfuhrer Donitz February 19, 2010
3 0
1) A nostril so big, a cock could literally fit inside of it.

2) Having intercourse with someone in a new and exciting orifice.
ex 1) Yo that girl had one hell of a Cock Nostril!

ex 2) Yo that was one hell of a Cock Nostril last night!
by Jenton and Shaiya November 05, 2004
20 10