Literally, it simply refers to any living organism that munches cock in any form. Since introduced by teenagers in the late 2010s, it can have a wide variety of meanings, virtually anything you desire while considering the level of offense you wish it to have. It can also be used as a conversation initiator. asshole dickfuck tittyfuck my ass Good day hello Superb My dick hurts
(Silence) Person 1:Cockmuncher? Person 2:Cockmuncher!!

1: Have you seen my dildos? 2. Shut up you fucking cockmuncher.
by aidsface45 June 20, 2012
One who obsesses over things almost anally. Will defend the wrong side in an argument, have confused morals and the logic of a five year old.
Cockmuncher: Hitler is and will always be my hero.
Man: STFU cockmuncher.
by One Two Three December 27, 2007
The Office sycophant. A guy - usually in the depths of Hell we call 'Middle Management' - who is always cosying up to the Director, offering platitudes in the hope of imminent promotion.
Did you see how Melvin behaved at the Meeting? WHAT a cockmuncher!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
to munch on cock
A horny chick sucking dick!
by Mike Williams May 05, 2004
people with cunt like tendencies who like comp on the pee pee. usually people who are cock munchers are also major tools
Geneva IL people who live here are cock munchers

someone who nibbles or munches on cock
by Anonymous February 02, 2003
A cockmuncher is a term that refers to someone who uses teeth when giving head.
"Hey Johnny how was your head last night?"
"Not good, she was a cockmuncher, I still have teeth marks on my dick, she was like a fucking vampire."

"Dude my dick hurts so much."
"My cats a cockmuncher"
by TheGreatJamal April 09, 2010

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