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Literally, it simply refers to any living organism that munches cock in any form. Since introduced by teenagers in the late 2010s, it can have a wide variety of meanings, virtually anything you desire while considering the level of offense you wish it to have. It can also be used as a conversation initiator. asshole dickfuck tittyfuck my ass Good day hello Superb My dick hurts
(Silence) Person 1:Cockmuncher? Person 2:Cockmuncher!!

1: Have you seen my dildos? 2. Shut up you fucking cockmuncher.
by aidsface45 June 20, 2012
One who munches and sucks on penises.
Also a commonly used insult.
"That whore is such a cockmuncher"

"I hate you...you're such a cockmuncher."
by Neel Vora January 10, 2006
a male who often feasts on the peni of other males.
A female with similar dining habits is simply a woman
President Bush sure is a cock muncher!
by the_guy January 14, 2005
A muncher of cocks or premiscuous giver of fellatio, usually used as a homophobic insult.
"I can't believe what a cock muncher that guy is"
by badsmel February 07, 2007
a person who munches cocks
ummmmm cockedge *eats penis*
by crazy dave June 01, 2004
one who munches cock profusely , i.e. a hoe
You're a fucking cockmuncher
by swonage February 02, 2003
A frequently used phrase meaning anyone who sucks a mans penis. Usually aimed towards gay men or a slut, slag or hoe.
Hear about Paris, silly cock muncher!
by AMVMAMV May 24, 2010
Someone being a very large idiot. An expression of extreme discontent towards another person.

see lloydtron
Shut up, you cockmaster
by klaw April 08, 2004