2 definitions by aidsface45

Literally, it simply refers to any living organism that munches cock in any form. Since introduced by teenagers in the late 2010s, it can have a wide variety of meanings, virtually anything you desire while considering the level of offense you wish it to have. It can also be used as a conversation initiator. asshole dickfuck tittyfuck my ass Good day hello Superb My dick hurts
(Silence) Person 1:Cockmuncher? Person 2:Cockmuncher!!

1: Have you seen my dildos? 2. Shut up you fucking cockmuncher.
by aidsface45 June 20, 2012
A female who post seemingly deep, philosophical comments that they searched for on Google. Also, any posts that make you want to stab the female poster's face, such as: Me and the gurls are so cooooll!! ;) or mirror and raised arm pictures.
Cynthia is a bitch, well, a Facebook Whore I guess whoreface
by aidsface45 June 20, 2012

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