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Someone being a very large idiot. An expression of extreme discontent towards another person.

see lloydtron
Shut up, you cockmaster
by klaw April 08, 2004
33 25
One who munches and sucks on penises.
Also a commonly used insult.
"That whore is such a cockmuncher"

"I hate you...you're such a cockmuncher."
by Neel Vora January 10, 2006
106 19
a male who often feasts on the peni of other males.
A female with similar dining habits is simply a woman
President Bush sure is a cock muncher!
by the_guy January 14, 2005
119 37
A muncher of cocks or premiscuous giver of fellatio, usually used as a homophobic insult.
"I can't believe what a cock muncher that guy is"
by badsmel February 07, 2007
59 30
a person who munches cocks
ummmmm cockedge *eats penis*
by crazy dave June 01, 2004
67 43
one who munches cock profusely , i.e. a hoe
You're a fucking cockmuncher
by swonage February 02, 2003
43 19
A frequently used phrase meaning anyone who sucks a mans penis. Usually aimed towards gay men or a slut, slag or hoe.
Hear about Paris, silly cock muncher!
by AMVMAMV May 24, 2010
19 11