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Person that goes from one guy/girl to another in a short amount of time. Does NOT necessarily mean going out with them; Girl or Boy that is all over someone after someone after someone for attention.
That girl has been around the block in only one month, shes a cockhopper.
by aliriano23 June 23, 2010
A promiscuous woman.
That woman is a real cockhopper. I saw her out with her boss last night and your dad this morning. Where are you going with her?
by J-Daddy September 22, 2006
Someone who hops from cock to cock because they're insecure with themselves. They also think they need this attention, because there is something deeply troubled with them.
John Doyle is a cock hopper.
by mynameisNOTtom September 04, 2010
A term for a female/male who enjoys making the two backed beast with a variety of different people.
That Sharon, she's a right old Cock Hopper.
by Bovine November 17, 2003
Same as Slut.
She's a cock-hopper!
by ShockRock November 14, 2012