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Cockfunnel \Kok-Fun-Nel; CockFonel\, Descriptive Noun:
An expletive used to elaborate on the intended parties tendencies to harvest or funnel several phallus's at once into his or hers various orifices. Reserved for describing characters lacking any real honor or moral substance.
Dude did you hear what Drew did to his ex girlfriend, That guy is such a fucking cockfunnel.
by The Seeker January 15, 2008
One who funnels cocks into every orifice of their body.

Synonymous with slut, except it gives a more visual representation of what a girl who encompasses this name actually does. If her mouth is open, a cock is in it. If her legs are more than 15 degrees apart, there is a cock in her vagina.
You know that bitch Brandi? Yeah she's a total cock funnel to every extent of the word.
by f1R3cr0tch January 08, 2011
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