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Cockfart (cock - fart) is a term used to describe a bad dad or dad figure.
My dad abandoned us kids after he said he was running to the store real quick. What a cockfart! Do you know any cockfarts?
by jay Streetereater October 14, 2009
2 2
After you have reached maximum ejaculation's and your nuts are drain of all fluid you ejaculate a puff of air making a farting noise; hence the name Cock Fart
Bitch tried to have me party tell she heard Cock Farting...
by Richard Hennessey September 13, 2008
42 29
To expell wind from your buttocks while your girlfriend is performing oral sex on you, thus causing her to be disgusted and remove her lips from your member and never touch it again.
Self Explanatory I should say.
by oli July 08, 2004
31 21
can be used in a variety of ways; mainly to express disgust, confusion, or anger; can also replace fuck, shit, tool, ass, or almost any other word
you're a stupid cock fart

What the cock fart?

your dumber than a cock fart
by C-Dubbs18 August 09, 2008
21 15
An multipurpose adjective/insult variation of cock that can be used on any unsavory character.
That Ryan guy is such a cockfart
by Sam Jorden April 07, 2008
12 6
When you've been wanking so much nothing but air comes out.
Need to cut-down the self pleasuring i let out a cock fart earlier.
by Ritch D March 06, 2014
0 0
A painful expulsion of air from the penis, akin to flagalence. Conisidered to be the result of unprotected coitus with or oral copulation from a Wendigo. Syns: The Farts, Wendigo Madness, The Poofer, Penial Beaner.
I heard Joey caught the cock farts! I told him not to let that Wendigo go down on him.
by Willy G September 17, 2005
28 30