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1. A large, flying beetle which looks like a giant, scarier version of a Bee. It is referred to in the U.K as a 'May Bug'.

Not many people seem to remember them as they are rare in places but in some areas it is a common activity for children to go round swatting them with tennis racquets.

They look insanely scary and there is a myth that they like to get tangled up in your hair, resulting in the possibility of having to have your hair shaved off. This is just a story though and they are completely harmless and bare no danger to humans.

They are a known pest to farming, as they leave their larvae on the ground, resulting in crops being damaged.

2. A term used to describe cheap underwear such as boxer shorts which are fitted wrong and give you chafing round your legs.
1. Cockchafer, the correct term for the flying beetle known widely as a May Bug

2. I bought some cheap underwear from the store the other day... They are real cockchafers.
by MJA88 February 28, 2009
A small tight vagina that needs alot of lube!
"Man that girl was tight, a real cockchafer"
by guy murray April 01, 2007
1. large grey/brown beetle
2. a woman with a dried up vagina
1. "oi sean, me old mate, is that cockchafer in bed with you?"
2. "oi sean, me old mate are you gonna be SORE! you're in bed with thunderthighs the old cockchafer
by theWestHamfan December 10, 2003
An unsightly guy at a swimming pool with far too tight speedos, in clearly noticeable pain, but thinking the chicks are digging him.
Maybe things could have worked out, but I'm a keen swimmer at the local pool and he was a cockchafer
by mledwards34 June 22, 2011
A work shift while one is standing and walking about that lasts for more than twelve hours.
My manager had me work from open to close today, that was a real cockchafer.
by belphegor September 04, 2012
When the chick you're having sex with has got stubble around her pussy because she hasn't shaved it for days. The result: abrasions to the shaft of your cock that hurt like hell.
I was rooting your mum the other night and her cock chafer made a mess of my round man.
by Summers June 06, 2007
One who chafes cock on a regular basis.
Jeeze, Marsh. You sure do chafe a lot of cock. You are the biggest cock chafer I know
by PattersonBrown January 15, 2003
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