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A board, usually footed by side boards, thus creating a low table, under which a man slides his naked body. Centered in the top board will be some variant of a hole through which he will insert his erect penis and his testicles. This creates a "dancefloor" for a woman who will stand on, crush and otherwise torture the exposed and vulnerable organs, often while wearing stiletto heels.
What a night! I was in the cockbox for over two hours and Mistress showed me no mercy. I can't even pee today. It was great!
by Chris Zizzo July 27, 2010
A place used exclusively for holding cocks. Ie. the womans mouth, ass, pussy.
my cock box is also my wife
by hard meat log August 19, 2005
A wrapped box, given as a gift, with someones cock in it, through a hole in the side of the box.
Eric: What did you get for your birthday?

Jamie: Eh, another cock box.
by Godlikes69 January 22, 2008
stupid or annoying person.
DAVE : You're gay.
MATT : Shut up cockbox.
by Matt123Cube June 07, 2009
(n) A total jackass, especially one who is particularly rude as well as overtly unintelligent.
Keith: "Dude, why are you being such a cock-box?"
Jon: "Gabbi's holding out lately, man, it's getting to my head!"

Brittany: "OMG Chad is so hot!"
Brenda: "Maybe, but he's a total cock-box."
by summerfinn July 11, 2012
(military) The "cockpit" from where an unmanned airplane is flown. The cockpit resides on the back of a hummer and resembles a large box. Hence, "cockbox."
"I was in the cockbox and it started going down...."
by Rule of Wrist May 05, 2008
a box full of cock, this can be used in reference to someone who does a stupid act (must be male)
jamie you cockbox how could you mix the sleeping pills with the date rape...
by skaterdanny June 23, 2007

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