A fast moving, agile prod. (mainly aimed at the stomach area)
All of a sudden, James cobra striked Bennett in the Jibble-E
by N. Coburn July 07, 2006
Top Definition
When a girl tries to give a hand job with the thumb, pointer, index finger, and sometimes the ring finger to resemble a snake's mouth; mostly resulting in pain as the head of the penis is smashed into the palm.
Danny: How was she?

Jake: Terrible, she wasn't very experienced, she was doing the "Cobra Strike"

Danny: ohhh sorry bro.
by ManWhore@Fville January 08, 2011
An unflattering penis photo (i.e. limp, shrunken, shriveled, hairy) sent to a girl you just met to basically state that you don't give half a shit if you have sex with them or not but are open to it. Women respond surprizingly well or not at all. Invented by a college student in Hilo, Hawaii in 2011.
Charlette gave her number to Josh, a guy she just met at a party. She soon received a cell phone picture message, from Josh, of a limp dick and titled "COBRA STRIKE".
by Hurt_bitch_with_a_conscience October 13, 2011
Extreme mushroom stamping; The act of violently striking people or objects with your raging erection.
I just gave that girl a massive cobra strike right square in the face.
by NitroStrongjohn August 03, 2010
The term, when used in the Volcanus Island lore, refers to a method to attack fish.

In order to efficiently use a cobra strike, you must make your hand flat, and point your fingers out straight as rigid as possible. The immediate area in front of you, which is represented as a 2 foot invisible half circle in front of your chest, is known as the "Striking Zone." You then hold up your striking hand about 8 inches away from your chest. When a fish or other unsuspecting denizen of the ocean enters the "Striking Zone" you quickly thrust your hand forward at the creature and follow through with your arm in order for the strike to have full potential. If commited effectively, the cobra strike will leave the unsuspecting creature bruised, embarrased, downtrodden, and tantalized.
As the Giribaldi entered my striking zone, I gave it a Cobra Strike to teach it who's boss.
by "Sketchy" Mike September 07, 2007
doggy style maneuver similiar to a donkey punch.
When a man is having sex with his partner doggy style, right before he ejaculates he elbows them in the small of the back so they rare their head up arching their back and pulls the back of their hair making them look like a cobra ready to strike. cobra strike donkey punch
by crazymess74 July 07, 2010
Team formed in school in order to convince teachers to change certain rules or seating arangements
The class finally gets to sit where they want because they formed a cobra strike to argue
by Co-Captain Barracuda February 03, 2009
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