a series of several rapid tongue lashes to an anus followed by a violent insertion of fingers while screaming "COBRA"
After a fine dinner and walk on the beach, I gave Lindsay a cobra commander
by TinoFett June 08, 2006
Top Definition
Leader of evil crime syndicate COBRA in the GIJOE cartoon series of the 80s. His face is always covered, at first with a hood, and then by wa variety of helmets as the series progressed.
If only Cobra Commander listened to Dr. Mindbender's advice he would have suceeded in destroying GIJOE.
by DB January 13, 2005
Related to bitch made, not being a man, being a little bitch
Bro 1: ay you wana go to that party tonight?
Bro 2: na I gata do some stuff.

Bro 1: dawg you bitch made. You Cobra commander.
by AFWB / O- CREW August 18, 2011
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