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An Amazing band that started in 2005. Their debute album was "While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets" in 2006, and ¡Viva La Cobra! in 2007. They are either best known for "Hollaback Boy", a parody of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" or by the song "Snakes on a Plane" from the movie "Snakes on the Plane". The members of Cobra Starship are Gabe Saporta (lead singer), Alex Suarez (bass), Ryland Blackinton (guitar), Victoria Asher, knows as Vicky-T, (keytar), and Nate Novarro (drums). They also opened for Fall Out Boy at the Honda Civic Tour in 2007 along with +44 and The Academy is. They are also offical FOFOB (friends of fall out boy)
Me: yeaah and Gabe Saporta is so hot.
by alltimelow October 25, 2007
side project for midtown member gabe that is well-known for it's parody of gwen stefani's "hollaback girl" ("hollaback boy". gabe teamed up with travis from gym class heroes, william from the academy is..., and maja from the sounds to record the single "snakes on a plane (bring it)" from the upcoming "snakes on a plane" movie, which stars samuel l. jackson. a full-length album is expected to be released in fall '06.
wow, that cobra starship band is really good.
by snakess July 14, 2006
and they officailly rock my socks off my feet all day long
you wish you could be as cool as cobra starship
by urmomrocksmysocksoff February 04, 2008
cobra starship is an awesome band. btw.. the song snakes on a plane wasn't made from the movie! they were created w/o knowledge of each other and the chorus was later changed to make it more fitting when told it was being used in the film.
cobra starship is o so cobralicious!
by matt calo October 12, 2007
cobra starship is a band. they started in 2005 with their album 'while the city sleeps we rule the streets' they became famous either because of their remake of hollaback girl (hollaback boy) and/or because of the song bring it (snakes on a plane) that gabe saporta (singer) sang with william beckett of the academy is..., travis mccoy of gym class heroes a maja ivvarson of the sounds. there second album was released in 2007 called ¡viva la cobra! which was origonally going to be named if the world is ending im throwing the party but they decided to used ¡viva la cobra! instead.
cobra starship rocks my socks

by kaytlin h March 25, 2008
cobra starship kick ass. that's all you need to know.

gabe saporta. alex suarez. ryland blackinton. vicky-t asher. nate novarro.

-We are proud shelf kids !-
-WHO FROZE JESUS?!- (i named my ipod frozen jesus btw)

by Cobra's #1 Stalker March 14, 2009
Probably one of the only bands that will admit their lyrics are cheesy. With everything from cheer chants to spunky pop beats, Cobra Starship is the band that makes you smile, laugh, dance, and sing along all at the same time. With members Gabe Saporta (lead singer), Alex Suarez (bass), Ryland Blackinton (guitar), Victoria Asher, knows as Vicky-T, (keytar), and Nate Novarro (drums), this is most likely one of the most lyrically hilarious yet true bands of our generation.
"Cobra Starship makes me want to get up out my seat and dance like a monkey"
by pinkfuzzyelephants October 23, 2009
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