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Amazing lead singer of Cobra Starship and Midtown. Famous for his fangs symbol. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay. Cobra Starship is signed to Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance.
Did you see Gabe Saporta singing at the concert last night?
by Mandarina November 27, 2006
A super hot Urugayan. He's the frontman for Cobra Starship.
Oh my god, I totally love Gabe Saporta.
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
A very flamboyant manwhore. Currently the lead singer of the band Cobra Starship and headlining the Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour. Was in the band Midtown, and is also known for hanging out with the emo girl on the Real World.

He makes a point to meet his fans. Also has a penchant for hoodies.
Did you just see what Gabe Saporta did on stage? Did he seriously just flip off the camera?
by GingerKid12 January 17, 2008
Extremely, extremely hot guy. Singer of current band Cobra Starship and broken up band Midtown. Most know for "Hollaback Boy", the parody of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" and "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)" for the movie "Snakes On A Plane"
Me: Gabe Saporta is so hot!
Friend: I know!
by DoIRockorWhat? July 09, 2009
A 28 year old male that is in the band cobra starship. he is amazingly sexy, can dance like no other, and is a pedofile. He was born in Uruaguy and is bffs with pete wentz. Gabeckett is the sexiest couple ever. :D
T33ni3: lyk totes, d00d.
A REAL cobra: DUDE, no. gtfo. and get a life. nate and ryland and alex are hotter than gabe anyday
by kissmysass March 07, 2008
sexiest mofo ever, lead singer of cobra starship, use to always crack his penis
here's a list of things i'd like to do to gabe saporta: everything.
by segagenesis June 15, 2010
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