An individual that goes along w/ everything another says w/ no thought or opinion of his own!!
Kane, you co-signer, stop co-signing everything that the managers force feed us!!
by Neftali August 31, 2006
Top Definition
A white woman who dates thug or ghetto black men. Usually tend to be overweight and has tattoos of "her baby daddy (ies)" on her breasts.
Dumb white girl: I met Tyrone at Wal-Mart. He took me to the McDonald's to have a coke. We went to his sister's apartment afterwards and omg, sex was great!

Smart white girl: HAHA, you're a co-signer! Yeah, he'll fuck you right, but get ready to co-sign for his car loan, his apartment, his rims, his new grill... ETC
by Yes_it_was_me December 02, 2010
A cosigner is a person who too-frequently supports anothers claims, or quickly joins in defense of their arguments because of a desire to fit it or express loyality to the arguer, rather than because of personal conviction concerning the topic.
"Man, you gonna be a cosigner on everything she says just cause you think shes cute?"
by AaronL June 13, 2007
A person with good credit who signs a loan application along with you, so you can get the loan. If you fuck up, their credit gets fucked up, and you will feel the co-signer's wrath.
My deadbeat brother asked me to be a co-signer for a loan so he could buy a new Lexus...I told him to suck my balls.
by my name?? October 24, 2005
Somone who is always on a certain persons side. Always agrees with specified person. Laughs at stupid jokes person says just so they won't get made fun of by person.
Leroy (to Artez): Man you look like a sexy moose

James(cosigner):HaHaHa man you to funny Leroy, you need your own show

Artez (to James):Man James you a co-signer man always laughing at Leroy lame jokes
by fasfdaf October 19, 2005
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