When you have nothing better to say, you speak this overrated Polish word.

Made popular by RaywilliamJohnson
*Watches Cat Video*

comment- "co za asy!"

mom-Go clean your room!

You-co za asy!
by yoururbandictionary March 01, 2011
a word said by the vikings when achiving great victory, such as putting up a viral video. also used by raywilliamjohnson.
"(viking king)we have just defeated the enemy! (viking boy) "co za asy!!!!!"
"(viking king)we have just defeated the enemy! (viking boy) "co za asy!!!!!"

that couch just fell out of a window! "Co za asy...."
by funnybone304 March 07, 2011
Polish phrase used by Ray William Johnson in one of his videos. In english it literlay means 'What aces'. It's rather an idiom.
-What the fuck are they doin'?
-co za asy.
by Ralphenko March 06, 2011
sarcastic Polish way of saying 'Epic fail' .
Polish Dude in a Shower 1: Damn my dick is 6 inches
Everyone else in Shower : Co Za Asy....!!!
by Markiv1985 March 04, 2011
stands for "what an ass"..made popular by Ray William Johnson of "=3"
1.When a troll is bored, they will type "co za asy" on any youtube video...

2. that guy just stepped on my shoes. co za asy!
by AG :B March 07, 2011
"Co za asy" translates from Polish as "how ace". Google Translate gives you "what aces", but go figure. In other words, it's being used sarcastically in the face of an epic fail.
Guy 1: "Was he just throwing his couch through the window in his underwear?"

Guy 2: "Co Za Asy!"
by .//Gonz March 06, 2011
A phrase used on every single Polish video on the internet - EVERY SINGLE ONE. Phrase popularized by RWJ in his =3 series.

Means "What an asshole".

Commenting with "Co za asy..." automatically guarantees that you have the top rated comment.
co za asy...
by 92BTTB92 February 28, 2011
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