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the mixture of blood and cum that occurs when you fuck a virgin.
she cludded all over my bed
by Snedz January 09, 2006
A sound that is not quite a clunk, yet not quite a thud.
Richard his jumped into a doorframe, hitting his head, and a loud clud sound resulted
by Solo Phoenix March 09, 2006
like clouds... only clumsy; clouds lacking substantial shape or "cloudiness"; semi-clouds
"The wispy cluds robbed the sky from its perfect cloudless condition today."
by Cosmokramuh February 21, 2010
A failed sentence after waking up from passing out stoned and/or drunk.
Lawl, I totally failed and have no clud
by LaurenLaLovely July 03, 2010
clud otherwise known as cloud,
so basically short for cloud.
lonely as a clud (clouds are sometimes lonely)
thick as a clud (clouds look thick and heavy)
light as a clud (clouds are actually light and feathery)
by laaaaaaa August 31, 2008
Crip + Blood = Clud. Often said to someone who wears red + blue at the same time. Or just someone who acts both like a crip and a blood.
Person 1: She's wearing red and blue.
Person 2: She's definitely a crip.
Person 3: Nah, she's a blood.
person 1: She's a freakin clud, damn it.
by ANONYMASITY December 16, 2009
To hit someone or something hard on the head, resulting in a concussion. Similar to "to club."
"If you keep messin' around wit dat ho, I'ma clud yo ass so hard you'll wish you'd married a man instead!"
by LaPrincess June 09, 2005