To do something with the intention of creating excessive, empty hype over something little if any people know anything about, especially in relationship to an upcomming movie.
To fall for such a scheme.
Hud: This is going to be the best film ever!
Rob: Don't fall for people trying to Cloverfield you, Hud.
by Jordan Lowndes January 07, 2008
The worst movie ever.

- The first 30 minutes of the movie is small talk. You have to late a long time before something happens.

- There's random points in the story where it just flashes back to a previous day without any explanation

- They try to make it look like the whole thing is being shot from a video camera so the screen randomly swings back and forth making your neck sore.

- There are random explosions, screaming, and sounds that give you a headache, after 25 min of random explosions you get annoyed/and bored.

- No one ever explains what the monster is or why it's attacking Manhattan.

- The story has no plot, all you know is a monster is attacking the city, that's all you will ever know.

- The ending sucks, you don't know if they die, or why anything happened, it's like they cut it short cause they were low on budget or something
I'm trying to save you money, the movie sucks, CLOVERFIELD WORST MOVIE OF 2008.
by Jersey Kid January 24, 2008
Name for the 2008 movie about the giant snake/eagle monster which invades russia/new york on a Argentinian sabotage mission. Information was leaked by one of the camera men in the studios. Monster is said to have small eagle like wings, and most of its body is covered in feces. In the feces is small bacteria made out of nuclear radiation which infect humans and turn them into large salamanders.
"I heard the monster was a whale shit."

"No, dumbass, it's an eagle/snake shit."

by Muhammed Muhammed January 12, 2008
An ultimately disappointing movie that made me sick with its damn camera. Also a shit ending.
Cloverfield simply didn't live up to the hype. It wasn't terrible, but it didn't live up to it.
by Adrian January 19, 2008

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