Some pedophiliac fuck in MSN Chat who gets off on 12 year old's camel toes. Real name is Steve. AVOID STEVE AT ALL COSTS!! EXPOSURE WILL RESULT IN CHAT HERPES.
The cloner has no car, job, house, credit card, or brain of his own & he leeches off other people.
by JizzleMyNizzle August 05, 2004
an erect clitoris
i really got a cloner for that guy
by Clonerist August 30, 2008
The female version of a boner, a clitoritis erection
That chick totally has a cloner for me!
Look man! That chick is cloning out!!
by HBK and JIMMY May 08, 2010
The female equivalent of an errection. A "clitoral-boner" -- Cloner.
"That new guy is hot as fuck, he gives me such a throbbing cloner"
by bonerdude January 14, 2009
1. An erection of the clitoris caused by arousal similar to that of an erection of the penis.
2. An erect penis not much bigger than an erect clitoris.
Dude, I went to work muff diving this chick and she had a raging cloner.

Wow Sally, you'll never believe how small Jim's dick was, he had a total cloner.
by BatemanMagnetic April 10, 2009

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