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Ok Kiddies, for this excercise, let's use "dan" as an example, shall we? As previously stated, not in so many words, "dan" is a basement dwelling, mutated, socially unacceptable troll. "dan" feeds on the slime that lines the sewer system. "dan" enjoys the company of dead people & shaven cats. "dan" doesn't like the hair, as it gets caught between the only 2 teeth he has. Massey's usually live in friend's basements, as they are so physically unappealing & foul smelling, they don't have the capability to keep a job.
"dan the massey" smells like some homeless dirty person's asshole on a hot summer day, after they had diarrhea.
by JizzleMyNizzle August 05, 2004
Duh. Your name on MSN. Merf.
Good name : anything other than SHELL CODE.
Bad name : anything with SHELL CODE in it.
by JizzleMyNizzle August 05, 2004
Some pedophiliac fuck in MSN Chat who gets off on 12 year old's camel toes. Real name is Steve. AVOID STEVE AT ALL COSTS!! EXPOSURE WILL RESULT IN CHAT HERPES.
The cloner has no car, job, house, credit card, or brain of his own & he leeches off other people.
by JizzleMyNizzle August 05, 2004
Some Freaky Loser on MSN Chat that can't spout anything outta his chathole without being a jackass mufucker, let alone ever bear any sort of intelligent remark.
Shell Code is a chat loser freak.

Example: Why do you keep talking about necrophelia & beastiality? You're such a shell code.
by JizzleMyNizzle August 05, 2004

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