The sound a heavy boot makes on a wooden floor
Clomp, clomp, clomp, wnent the heavy boot on the wooden floor.
by Wammy September 17, 2003
Top Definition
The act of stomping very loudly on the floor when walking which causes a major and loud disturbance to people who may live beneath you in an apartment building
Jenny was being extremely annoying and clomping around all night!
by LukeArm November 25, 2011
The sound sound of a shotgun or similar weapon in modern video games.
I never saw where Dennis was hiding. All I heard was the repeated clomps of his shotgun and the dying screams of my teammates.

Dennis: "You must've seen me coming."
Steve: "No, I just heard a ~clomp~ and it was Game Over for me."
by Steve1979 January 25, 2008
Shortened version of the word clomptoctic.

1. Boring

2. Annoying

3. Used in a situation in which you cannot come up with a better word to describe something or someone.
person 1 - "Man, I've spent almost all weekend doing homework..."

person 2 - "Dude that musta been clomp."


"Man, I spent 4 hours with this girl and she seriously said like... 3 words. She was a complete clomp."
by D-res March 21, 2005
shaking someones hand when they are not looking
my homeboy totally just clomped that girl from behind
by Sidmore September 18, 2003
when a girl jerks you so hard the skin rips.
Dude i cant jerk off for a week cause tina clomped me so hard!
by One Bad Banana October 16, 2011
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