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Very beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, and fun to be around loves to go to the beach or just hang out with friends
"I saw this girl and she was so amazing"
"Really she must have been a Cloey"
by JohnRench June 15, 2013
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A fun out going most if the time short girl. She has a bubbly personality and loves to go places. Even though she is super skinny she loves to eat. She is very beautiful and gives great hugs. She is amazing in every way.
"That girl last night was amazing"
"Yeah I know I think she was a Cloey"
by Udic June 15, 2013
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Is the definition of amazing, smart, beautiful, ect... she can also be a smart ass even when she is not trying to be,

she's very funny which people in general can get jealous of,

She can talk to guys easily,as if she was one of the guys

Is, can be big boned more big boned then fat though

Is shy at times especially when she has a crush on you, or when she doesn't know you

She oftentimes trys to act stupid when really she's smart as a tack

She has big boobs, and will develop an ass later in life

She's not out going, most of the time she will try and shrink in with crowds when really she stands out even when she's not trying to

She's someone who is hard to break through she has many many walls buit up and once, if you can take down the walls you will come to find she's loving, gentle, kind, ect...

She's very very very hard headed and stubborn, she can be hard to handle at times because she will not agree, or if you do something to her she will never forget

She's not the jealous type

She's a fighter and is strong

She will take a dare on the wild side

But most of all cloey is loving, amazing, kind, sweet, and much much more once you break her walls down that she builds every single day
Guy 1:dude did you see her she was amazing

Guy 2:yeah I agree, she's very stubborn though


Guy 1: hey cloey your friend has some nice racks

Cloey: lol wanna meet her
by Lisa jr October 13, 2013
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