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a girl whoms ass YOU want to tap.
guy 1: hey did you just see that chick?
guy 2: yeahh that was clodagh.
guy 1: damnnnnnnnnnn
guy 2: i know
guy 1: i wish i could tap her ass
by hfdsgilllehflsdffhfhfhf December 15, 2008
A name given to a top notch bird. Good looking, kind, funny, hyper, and always up for the crack. She will probably out do you all when partying and never want to stop, or go home.
There's Clodagh, this is gonna be a GREAT night
by awesomeness2000 November 25, 2010
Noun. To pull a Clodagh means to make a stupid mistake or to do or say something ditzy or blonde.
"Ugh I pulled a massive Clodagh in my interview today I just hope they didn't notice"
by Radiator breath July 02, 2013
a clodagh, whom is stuck up.
sexually confused
abnormal shaped head.
gay fucking girl.
stickyy pussy
face on yee like a mango

Clodagh is annoying

boy one:hey do you know clodagh?
boy two:yeah shes fucking gay.
boy one; yeah totally
by harajukuwhore March 28, 2008
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