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Someone who wastes tremendous amounts of your time with no useful result.
1. After 2 years of dating, he didn't propose. She said "you are such a clocksucker!"

2. The salesman was very disappointed. After 3 hours of talking to the customer, the #$%^ing clocksucker didn't buy anything.
by Cody May 06, 2004
Any person or persons afflicted with annoying or poor time management skills. Afflictions can include being chronically late, waking too early or late or obsessively checking the time on one's time piece.
Ali continues to wake up every night at 3:33 a.m. Instead of being supportive her friends just holler "CLOCK SUCKER"!
by geckypibb September 01, 2010
A person who totally wastes your time, with no concern for your life, since they have no life of their own. They are particularly annoying to sales reps, who cannot afford to waste time on non-prospects.
(from GlenGarry Glen Ross)
Williamson: Ricky, here's three leads for tonight.
Ricky Romano: Three leads!?! No, I count two! Patel, Ramadan Patel? He's a clock sucker! If Vishnu gave him a million dollars and told him to buy, he wouldn't!
by BigBird1017 May 10, 2008
A clocksucker is someone who works more hours to make the boss happy but really just wants more money
"Bill came in early AND left late. What a clocksucker."
by Rob Eback August 06, 2007
An hourly paid employee who performs at the bare minimum drawing the job out longer than needed to collect excessive overtime pay.
Ed is the biggest clock sucker I've ever seen! It's taken him 12 hours to image that PC!
by !BlackDeath! November 12, 2007
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