A man who dosn't give a fuck about anything.
Known to gain employment only with companies who provide him with a van, the van is then used to transport friends, a place to smoke weed, a place to sleep.
WARNING- The van may never be returned even on termination of contract.
"Clive, this is John from British Gas, can we have our brand new van back please, you havn't done any work for 2 months and you were sacked last week"

"No, fuck-off, It's mine"
by Benny the Brit July 01, 2003
Top Definition
The god among biceps. Everytime he makes an entrance, universes collide, the sun explodes, and black holes swallow themselves.
In b4 clive

In between clive

In after clive
by u mad brah? July 03, 2009
Someone who can play any musical instrument without actually owning one. He also finds everything easy and often has to explain things slowly to others. He loves food and consequently is a great cook. Clive is also very cute yet rugged and manly. Clive is attracted to girls who eat canned food.
"That Clive is a great bloke"
by E Heading August 08, 2006
An extremely praised person who is known for their amazing looks and personality. can be usually seen with handsome Jon
wow! look at that clive over there, hes mint, and what about that handsome Jon?!
by TG:83 September 24, 2004
A word that can be used to replace anything you fancy... Can be fitted into any context, and is perfect to add that extra bit of pizazz into a sentence.
'Clive' is famously hard to be defined - anyone asking "What does clive mean?" is frowned upon until they can work out that it does not actually have a meaning..

Formally christened by the Fulham rapper Example, who uses it at any available chance and has started off a snowball effect on the use of the word.
Fulham Rapper Example:
"He clived on her clives"
"Eight forty-clive"

"That's clive"
by eliotgleavesfuturewife July 12, 2009
When a cold-sore is so large it has a face and name.
Amy - "I can't wait to meet again, you have a lovely head of hair and I can't wait to kiss you"

Karlton - "Yeah, about that, Clive has moved in for a while, mind if he tags along?"
by BabyMuffin July 25, 2011
To cum or sperm on someones face preferably your wife
Ow honey you clived me in the eye get the patch" "shut up carrol"
by simultaneous March 23, 2009
n. chav - used as a derogatory term to describe a pikey.
Gavin your such a clive
by Narly May 18, 2004
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