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A partially smoked cigarette, snubbed out or pinched off carefully with the intention of smoking the rest later.
I was broke, out of smokes and feining for a cigarette. Luckily I remembered that I'd stashed a clinch behind my Dad's toolbox in the garage.
by cortlando January 22, 2014
1. A word mainly used to mean grabbing of the dick.
2. Rubbing penis on your face.
Seb clinch's all the time. He usually clinch's four times a day.
by pollyphinic July 17, 2008
The act of cumming on your sexual partners nose.
"And then that bastard gave me a clinch!"
"Hey babe, you wanna clinch job?"
by THA_CLINCHA December 04, 2008
One who is physically as well as mentally fucked and cannot complete everyday tasks such as walking, driving, talking or wiping his ass.
Emmet: Hey Bow did you Clinch?
Bow: Yeah i took a steamy shit on his bonnet.
Emmet: Nice man, nice.
Bow: Yeah he's a beanbag
by yourabeanbag June 18, 2009
The Clinch is the embodiment of STI's. The Clinch can spread infection through proximity, saliva, blood, urine, and other means not yet identified by modern science. Some evidence suggests persons can contract a variety of infections from the clinch via text messages, msn, or even from excessive facebook creeping. Currently the only known prevention from contracting Clinch based virus' is abstaining from excessive contact with the Clinch.
I got the clancy when I looked at "The Clinch" for too long.
by My Corn December 02, 2008

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