a fuckeddd up, crazy town in central Jersey
"dude clifton is aight, but what the fuck is wrong with this town sometimes?!"
by Greg Now April 13, 2008
Top Definition
The act of getting hammered drunk and falling into a truck and or ditch and breaking your collar bone.
Dude that guy just pulled a Clifton. Lets go laugh at him while he lays on the ground in pain.
by Drunk fat dude October 31, 2010
The only neighborhood in Cincinnati worth living in. Lovely place with nice houses, a diverse population, and home of University of Cincinnati.
Our neighbors call the cops on us all the time when we have parties because they forget what it's like to be in college. But it's all good. Living Clifton beats dealing with frat boys in the Heights or crackheads in Corryville any day.
by Lauren_Rae January 27, 2008
Small penis, Retard, Piece of shit, Does not know how to eat. Always annoying.
I am really lucky that i got a girlfriend, too bad that shes ugly. My name is clifton faggot
by asasasd November 21, 2013
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