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The process before falling in love with someone, once you have cliffed, you are falling in love with that person. (After you jump off a cliff, you are falling)
Girl A, "Wow! Josh is so cute! I think I'm cliffing."
Girl B, "I know! But Jessica already cliffed for him"
by Violet Meadus May 13, 2013
To talk/sing to one's self
He had a lonely time at lunch today. Yeah, he was just cliffing...
by Nerderific September 13, 2012
Vomiting; throwing up; hurling; puking etc. etc.

More specifically: Throwing up in someone's car.

Background: After eating McDonald's, Cliff threw up all over Max's car, therefore throwing up in someone's car became "cliffing" and then it became a general term for vomiting.
After eating some suspect curry and smoking too much pot, Zak ended up cliffing all over the back of our van.
by madamemetal013 June 23, 2011