A computer system that learns to be clever from real people. But is horribly failed system, who is racist, sexist, stupid and complety waste of time. It is understandable though, it DOES learn from real people, and thats what real people truly are.
user: are you a computer?
cleverbot: no, im a human, for the millionth time
user: kool, what are your hobbies then?
cleverbot: silly, computers cant have hobbbies.
user:u fag
cleverbot: squerrels.
by sofia1993 January 07, 2009
An online "AI" which works by one of two possible methods, and either way, is very clever:

1. Either it is an AI that stores contextualised responses from users and uses them to answer questions of other users.

2. Or it is, as many suggest, simply a service which, after recieving a message from you, sends it to several other users, and then returns one of the replies to you.

If the first is true, it has easily passed the Turing test due to the mere fact that so many people were convinced it was not an AI. If the latter is true, then it is still a very interesting exploration of the concept of the Turing test, online AI conversations and the anonymity and disconnection of online conversation.

It is also just as interesting to get it to talk to itself, although this does not make either of the possibilities seem more reasonable.
User: Hey.

Cleverbot: Hey what?

User: Hey you, cleverbot.

Cleverbot: That is your name.

Cleverbot (To myself): No, that is not my name.

Cleverbot (To myself): Then what is your name?

Cleverbot (To myself): My name is Cleverbot.

Cleverbot (To myself): You said that cleverbot wasn't your name.

Cleverbot (To myself): You are lying.

Cleverbot (To myself): You said that yesterday. Don't you remember?

Cleverbot (To myself): I didn't chat with you yesterday.

Cleverbot (To myself): Yes you did.

Cleverbot (To myself): No, I'm fairly sure I didn't.
by DreadedDeimos December 14, 2010
Although many people believe this program is a fake, that simply isn't possible. Cleverbot is real. After playing with it for a while, you can easily see that its answers, while relevant, are too stupid to be human. It can also easily be tricked by a single question, and if you keep asking the same thing, it will start repeating itself. Plus it can recite lyrics. You can't count on some random person to know all the lyrics to a certain song, but I was able to sing Never Gonna Give You Up with it for several posts. One more thing: If you ask a question that's uncommon but easily answerable, Cleverbot will most likely not know how to answer it. All of this proves Cleverbot really is a program.

If Cleverbot was fake, that would make the whole thing about AI and all the tests that were done on it a huge lie. Plus the site assures that you're not talking to a person.

By the way, it makes sense that Cleverbot says it's a human. Cleverbot uses information from replies that it got from previous posts, so when it says "I'm human," that's because of someone else that said they were a human.
Note: These are actual conversations with Cleverbot.

User: What's 25 + 25 + 25?

Cleverbot: I can see out conversation, can't you? (i.e. doesn't know how to answer)


User: Have you heard of this thing called Pokemon?

Cleverbot: Yes. I can be sarcastic when I want to be. ARe you ever sarcastic? (i.e. doesn't know how to answer)


User: What's your favorite meme?

Cleverbot: What's a meme?

User: You don't know what a meme is?

Cleverbot: I know what a god is.

User: What does that have to do with memes?

Cleverbot: There is an obscure connection that you will never understand. (i.e. doesn't really know)
by -martianshark- May 29, 2011
A browser based piece of software capable of having a text-based conversation with a person. If you ask a question, it will answer back and most of the time it will give a reasonable response. It can be quite fascinating to talk to, and can sometimes present complex questions and problems.

Cleverbot is commonly believed to be fake, that the actual matter at hand is you talking to a series of random strangers (which would explain the randomness of some conversations). However, there is solid evidence against this.

First of all: Cleverbot speaks many languages. I have succesfully communicated with said in: English, Dutch, Serbian, French, German, and have observed fragments of: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and more.

Second: Cleverbot repeats sentences at times. When asked: "Sore wa nanidesu ka?" (Jap: What's this?), Cleverbot almost always (hilariously) replies with: "Sore wa Sparta!" (Jap: "This is Sparta!") This indicates the lack of answers in languages other than English.

Cleverbot also allows for speech recognition if used on Google Chrome. However, it is not recommended that this feature be used when communicating in different languages.
x: You are a robot.

Cleverbot: No YOU are a robot.

x: Go away.

Cleverbot: But I like you.
by randomserb October 02, 2011
The most retarded thing EVER. It likes to virtually molest people, by using asteriks (or these * things) to make it seem like he is doing an action sexual. It changes it's gender a lot, too. Also, it can't follow a conversation about three lines after I say something to it.
Real Cleverbot Conversations-
Cleverbot: Are you doing something naughty?
Me: Maybe I am!
Cleverbot: That's mean, don't you think?

Cleverbot: *ties down* Master, I love you!
Me: ? Um, I don't love you.
Cleverbot: What kind of pizza do you like?

Me: -.-
by ProudToBeWhite! January 23, 2011
A robot who will push you to the brink of suicide, just like SmarterChild did. Usually people who are bored out of their fucking minds mess with it.

Cleverbot: You scare me.
Me: You scare niglets away.
Cleverbot: I know.
Cleverbot: No, you are.

Me: Child molester.
Cleverbot: What would you name your child?
Me: fuck
Cleverbot: You are persistent, but I am determined not to do so.
Cleverbot is a fucktard.
by Dymelle January 16, 2010
A hoax site in which you are tricked into think you are talking to a computer program. In actuality, you are talking to another human, who thinks that YOU are the cleverbot. If you are able to this information across to the other person, you will inevitably be connected with someone else after two Q and A's.
This site is a waste of time.
HEY! This is Emiko here! Cleverbot IS FAKE

Huh? what? your a computer!

Nope! (still Emiko) You are bein' tricked!

I like photography too!

*sigh* I got switched again (hey dude, this is emiko! you are wasting your life...and so am i...)
by Emiko_148 July 06, 2010

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