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Is when someone Face Times (or Skypes ) you while they are defecating.

1. My friend Wade Wilson gave me a Cleveland streamer from a porta potty yesterday. It felt like I was right there with him. Technology is amazing!!!

2. What good is a Cleveland Streamer if my speaker phone doesn't work?

3. "I'm not sure how this FaceTime call turned into a Cleveland streamer but I'm glad it did. Alright mom, I'll talk to you later."

4. "Trey Parker and I were on our way to this WTM concert. We were having a great time when his phone rings and it's Wade Wilson giving him a Cleaveland Streamer."
by CleavelandStreamer June 26, 2016
The process of shitting liquids onto your partner's chest and then proceeding to perform sexual intercourse with their chest.
"I heard Lindsay Lohan got a Cleveland Streamer from Arnold Schwarzenegger."
by VaginaSpiders August 08, 2014
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