When a man takes a shit on a girl's chest after or when they are having sex.
Cleveland Steamer: The man gets on top of the girl and takes a shit on her chest. Simple as that.
by pspfreak9689769 September 22, 2009
New nickname for LeBron James
dude: "LeBron chose Miami?"
Other Dude: "Yeah, he pulled a real Cleveland Steamer"
by snallygaster2 July 09, 2010
A Cleveland Steamer is an act where somebody shits on their soon-to-be ex's chest and rub their ass back and forth on their chest like a steamroller. This act is usually for revenge.
Me: Did you hear?!
You: What?
Me: Katie had a Cleveland steamer done to her last night by her now ex-boyfriend Michael!
You: Hell, no!
Me: It was horrible. A shower won't work. She's gotta go to a carwash to get rid of the smell.

You: Poor Katie.
Michael- That stupid bitch deserved it! i suspected her of cheating. I didn't need Maury. i know!! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MESS WITH MICHAEL!!!

Katie didn't cheat, and she returned the act, but two obese men did it for her. Michael is now the worst smelling man in America, and no girl will go out with him. Hell, no girl will go near him.
by Junkyard Squirrel August 17, 2010
Normally known for excreting fecal matter upon another's chest.

Also more popularly known for the Decision of 2010, where Lebron James pulled down his pants and excreted his fecal matter all upon the city of Cleveland (metaphorically speaking), as he turned his back on the city and team which ignored his calls and plights for a stronger cast of players around him after 5 years of waiting. A very controversial issue which the Cavs will never recover from.
Guy1: Did you hear the news about the Cleveland Cavs??
Guy2: Lebron leaving the Cleveland Steamer on the city??
Guy1: Yeah, they will never be able to recover from that one

Girl1: Mike just gave me the Cleveland Steamer
Girl2: Eww you let him poop on you??
Girl1: No, he turned his back on me after 5 long years of dating, maybe i shouldn't have kept ignoring him.....
Girl2: Oh kind of like the cleveland cavs and lebron james thing?
Girl1: totally like that
by LBJ6 Lover July 20, 2010
When a man defecates into a woman's mouth following intercourse, covers her mouth with plastic wrap (Saran Wrap), and then proceeds to poke a hole in the plastic wrap. The resulting steam from the warm shit gives rise to the term Cleveland Steamer.
I had an amazing fuck with Jimmy's mom, then proceeded to give her a Cleveland Steamer.
by DR ARES March 09, 2011
Oh, come on. You all know it's when you take a shit on a girls chest and slide it around.
You know what would be funny? If they made a sports team called the Cleveland Steamers.
by TenInchPlaya August 21, 2006
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