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while the female is on all 4's the male stands over her faceing the opposite direction. Then the male spreads the females ass cheeks and squats. the male shits down the females ass crack and then turns around and rubs his cock down in the females ass crack
*only to be preformed on first date sistuations*
jonny gave ann a cleveland steamer on their first date.
by parnelli February 25, 2009
adjective/noun: meaning

One who sells replica products for a cash value.

uncle willy sold us these dvds he made.
uncle willy is a boot legger.
by parnelli February 25, 2009
* a gag or joke.
when you replace the contents of a regular snow cone with poo. and then recover the top with whip cream and a cherry.
* an act of revenge on a mean person with
ice cream.(hmm hmm good)
I gave joe and bobby a stinky snow cone after they tea bagged me last week.
by parnelli February 25, 2009
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