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The libido and penis dimensions required to penetrate her standing up in the shower. With sufficient length this passion requires only rocking up on one's toes and back to flat foot. With sufficient girth she'll tolerate the desire for position creativity.

Refreshed rigor and vitality especially with rapid refractory to resume penetration after many other locations in the post coitus shower .
Get your tickets to ride. The Passion Shower will be boarding you soon.
by PassionTrain August 29, 2012
Quickly heating the female orifice to be used as a fornication semen receptacle. Best employed rhetorically.

Microwaving or boiling a synthetic female orifice for life altering masturbation.
After she saw him the the first time last night Steve seemingly could do nothing to arouse her. After blowing smoke up her ass he tried the cleveland steamer to make her receptive to his planned penetration. Smoke, steam, cajoling... none of these would distract her from laughing about his penis.

Bobby read on the interweb the gelatinous tube with the tight tunnel would feel as good as fucking the orifice of a real woman. Not bothering with the instructions he boiled his masturbation toy to "heat it up for that realistic feel". After he returned home from the hospital he never gave device assisted masturbation another thought even after the skin grafts to his penis fully recovered. His parents gave his internet connection the cleveland steamer treatment with PfSense.
by PassionTrain August 29, 2012

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