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A really juicy cleavage. A prime example would be the classic 'Y' shape cleavage. Wankability factor = 10/10

Clunge a.k.a FANNY

can also be used as an insult similar to twat or prick: Clevhead or clev
Daaayuummm that girl has a fat off clev!

Ariiitttee love, show us your clev! (must be in Cockney accent)

Cor that kids such a fucking clev.

Last night at Tyrones party, i had a go on his sisters clev. SWEET
by Benadam 2K9 July 19, 2009
An abbreviation of the word "clever". Introduced near New Year's Day 2011, "clev" will frequent the bro communities, including but not limited to Lax Bros, Hockey Bros, and the newly founded Bros Who Ghost Ride The Whip (BWGRTW).
*Bell Rings*
Teacher: Where is Mark?
Nerd: I think I see him outside!

Martinet: MARK! Why are you skipping?
Mark: I wasn't skipping. I was walking.
Nearby Bro: Shit bro, that was clev.
by enmar444 December 29, 2010
an unnecessarily abbreviated term for 'clever,' in the same way 'legit' was derived from its root 'legitimately.'
Tom: Man, that unicorn is so legit.

Dot: Actually, it's clevs, because it's just a statue.

Tom: Then that legit statue is too clevs!
by MINUSthe January 24, 2011
really, it's just another word for fanny in the long list of variations/
'stop being such a hairy clev maxx'

'check out georgi's enormo clev'
by geo_hicky September 24, 2008
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