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Gay French man. Speaks binary French commonly (oui and quoi only) though he doesn't like to admit it. Beats it to golf magazines and guitar hero youtube videos. Has a tummy. Loves fishing for Marlin off the French Coast. Uses the dark side of the force to turn off cameras. Most common English phrases are "Go Home" "Really?" "You're so gay..." "Good one..." Lazy as hell, but really doesn't care. Thinks he's extremely tall and everyone around him is really short, especially children of German descent that are close to his height. Thinks he runs the place, and all his rules must be followed. Thinks he is the leader of the J Sluts when he isn't a German child is. Thinks he can defy anything and no one can defy him. Mother is an eternal MILF.
Kid: "Oui quoi quoi oui oui oui quoi oui quoi quoi"

Bro1: "Yea whatever..."

Bro2: "I hate when that kid speaks binary French."

Bro1: "Such a Clement Dulac... but his mom's hot"

Bro2: "MILF."
by juiceboxxxxxx December 09, 2010
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