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To be in a chatroom, but not speaking. Originated by ClaudeMan in davedays chat. Usually without warning (no brb or ttyl).
Katie_is_hardcore:Why isn't Claude talking?
ashrocks20:He never talks for more than 5 minutes.
Katie_is_hardcore:Claude moment!
DoodlePook/Poke: Thats ribbish!
Katie_is_hardcore: hehehhehehehe
Desolate: wth???
Katie_is_hadcore: inside joke
Bella_Cullen(Jazzy): OMG EDWARD IS SO HOT
Katie_is_hardcore: *drools* Jassssperrrr
JAKE: Ikr? Jasper's so hot.
by Katie_is_hardcore November 26, 2008
Usually entering a chatroom, and not saying anything. At random, rare moments, they say useless and somewhat ridiculous comments such as 'I love you' and 'O baby'. Originated by claudeman in Daveday's chat. The reason for Claudemoments is unknown.
HahaHardy_plays_the_Banjo: Hi claude.
HahaHardy_plays_the_Banjo: Claude?? Are you there?
_Haitain_fresh_: Idk...he's been on for hours
Xx_CrazyRhi_xX: I'm bored
JustSing_(Finger-wag_for_a_douchebag): Team jake.
JustSing_(Finger-wag_for_a_douchebag): ?? Huh???
Blondie!: Claude moment.

by Untouched December 25, 2008
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