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To be in a chatroom, but not speaking. Originated by ClaudeMan in davedays chat. http://davedays.com/?page_id=24 Usually without warning (no brb or ttyl).
Katie_is_hardcore:Why isn't Claude talking?
ashrocks20:He never talks for more than 5 minutes.
Katie_is_hardcore:Claude moment!
DoodlePook/Poke: Thats ribbish!
Katie_is_hardcore: hehehhehehehe
Desolate: wth???
Katie_is_hadcore: inside joke
Bella_Cullen(Jazzy): OMG EDWARD IS SO HOT
Katie_is_hardcore: *drools* Jassssperrrr
JAKE: Ikr? Jasper's so hot.
by Katie_is_hardcore November 26, 2008

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