Real music. The garbage that comes out today is, well, garbage.
Uggh, did you watch Katy Perry on the halftime show? She sounded like a screaming banshee. I'd rather listen to classic rock.
by mister83e February 04, 2015
An amazing but horribly overrated and generic type of Rock that started it all. It's often a choice for teens that are attempting to be "unique" yet have no actual taste for the music other then the fact that it's not plastered on MTV.
I love Classic Rock but I hate all those pricks who think it's the only great genre left.

"omg did u hear this 1 old song, omg its so gud"
by CD20 December 03, 2007
One of the last remaining genres of music that hasn't been abused to hell.
Guy Who Listens To Pop Music: HEY BRO YO CAN I CRASH HERE YOLO

Guy Who Listens to Classic-Rock: No, you are a stupid douche, come back when you have a real taste in music and culture.
Classic rock making dicks like mcfly and busted whjo are really shit look reeeaaallly shit
Metallica aswell me fellow rockers arrrh
by Hawke January 28, 2005
One of the worst forms of music EVER. There were a few, decent songs from this era, and stressing the word few. This genre of music took place mainly from the late 1960's to early 1980's. No one is sure why it got the name "Classic" because most of its music is utter garbage. What is worse is that the majority of music stations still play this slop, unwilling to let go of the past. The music itself is nothing but noise. "Classic" Rock junkies claim that the greatest guitarists came from this era but wailing a electric guitar for 8 minutes straight does not take as much skill and making an acoustic guitar sing. The song lyrics for most songs were about three things. Sex, drugs and rock. That is fine sometimes but there creativity lacked so much during this era. Most performers so were so strung out on coke, blow, etc that mindless lemming followers still hung onto everything they played.
Young Child - "Dad why do all those men have scary looking paint on their faces and why do they stick their tongues out?"

Dad - "That's the members of the Classic Rock band KISS son. The band's music is so horrible, they try to attract attention in another way."

Young Child - "OK I think I get it. Hey Dad! Did you just hear a cat squeal?"

Dad - "No son. That was actually Brian Johnson, lead singer for AC/DC."
by wxman3441 October 04, 2010
The same tired old thing repeated endlessly. Where shitty pop music comes and goes, classic rock stays, and decays in the back of our minds forever.
I have nothing against the people who listen to it, nor do I have a problem with the music itself(however stale it may be), but it seems today, everyone who I meet who enjoys classic rock is a pretentious asshole. People like to say that it's so amazing because it's the foundation of today's music. So now we have someone to hold responsible for the shit on our radio's. Oh, and every single station is an oldies station. How about someone grows a backbone and shows the crowd something new and unheard of.
I, personally, am tired of being judged by these conceited pricks, because "my music is not up to par" with theirs. Deep Purple sucks. ACDC blows. If the people who listen to this would stop critiquing today's music long enough to realize that people were saying the same shit about the music they listen to THREE decades ago, maybe they'd stop being so stuck up.
Creation is not creation unless it's never been done before. Without originality, creation is meerly a repeat of what's been done before. This is probably why our generation is void of any distinguishing characteristics, because we thieve off the prior. Classic Rock is the same as Rap in many respects. Both are tired out cookie cutter bullshit none of us will ever outlive.
"I bought a PURPLE vinyl the other day. 'Tis the best album I have purchased to date. Ay, I believe I will act like a prick now, and claim to be better than everyone I know, because I'm a 16 year old 120 pound kid who's arrogance rivals the heat of the sun. Deep Purple and all other classic rock do rock a mighty fine bit."
"I hate you. Prick."
by FierceGrape April 27, 2006
What my parents used to listened too
You still listen to Classic Rock? What the hell's wrong with you?
by Spikesy July 18, 2006

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