N. Glasses. Derived from the character, Clark Kent (of "Superman" fame). These glasses are black, plastic, thick frames of the wayfarer persuasion.

Recently have grown in popularity due to the post-millennial hipster uprising.
Amelia: Look at that guy's glasses. He's such a nerd.
Jadon: He's not a nerd! Those are genuine clarks!
Amelia: I love him now!!!!
by Jay Jay Cool Whip February 05, 2010
verb, the act of failing a class, usually a college class, between 3 to 5 times before either: 1. passing said class, or 2. Failing to retake the class.
"Yeah, so he failed Chem II for the fifth time, he totally Clarked it."
by S. Trumbull August 01, 2006
A religious cult where members are ritually castrated at the age of 25. The cult have the fundamental belief that all members should be surgically enhanced by taking important parts of their body away from them. Clark
'I was kidnapped by those F***ing Clarkes again. They took my knob and fed it to a lion!'

'Jeez, when I got clarked they took all my hair, from all over my body!'

'those Clarkes are out of fucking line man!'
by Crainey January 23, 2007
Males by the name of Clark are among the most irresistible beings on the planet. Clark is very well-rounded: a model citizen, a tremendously skilled athlete, a virtuoso musician, and as if that weren't enough, he has devastatingly good looks. Although you may typically find Clark looking ultra suave in a tuxedo, crowds gather when he goes shirtless to catch a glimpse of his chiseled Greek-God-like body. Clark is a friend to a diverse group of people, but all are envious of him, and wish to someday be like him, though he is too modest to take note. Unfortunately, Clark does not date; whether he just hasn't found a worthy enough specimen to court or has too much fun doing manly things with his friends is still t o be determined. Either way ladies, you are out of luck when it comes to Clark. Good luck trying to obtain the unobtainable!
Girl 1: You saw Clark at the beach?! What was it like to see such shirtless perfection?
Girl 2: It was like... the Mona Lisa of abs.
by luxembourg October 09, 2010
Irish for 'you're fucked'.

Should not be mistaken for Clarke which is English. Hense the E.

synonyms - run, run away, hide, you've done it now, someone gunna get a hurt real bad, do you like your face

antonyms - you're safe, relax, i'm not going to knock you out

common misspellings - epic, winning, run, hide iwishthatwasmylastname
Clarke - Crumpets and tea? Oh wait good sir, you're Irish!
Clark - Clark.
Clarke - Ah yes!
Clark - *sigh*
by thundaacaat July 04, 2011
The perfect nickname for your superman. He is always there for you no matter what! He can always put a smile on your face :D He's handsome, super smart, and a great listener! Not to mention he looks great in a tux! Clark is a boyfriend that will always be your best friend.
M: "Hey look at this text Noah sent me!"
J: "Awww that's so sweet!"
M: "Yeah, he's my clark!"
by Mate<3 May 02, 2010
A reference to one with immense physical power capable of taking down entire town single handedly. A great power resides within a Clark and only one thing can ultimately destroy one....cold pizza
"Our town had a Clark for a while until we dosed him with cold pizza and destroyed his presence."
by Peter R Loughren November 04, 2009

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