(v). Sometimes in the medical community, the word "Clark" is used to describe the act of becoming faint and passing out during an OR procedure.
"Man, did you see Rob almost clark today during the ex lap?"

"Jon is awesome at surgery. He would NEVER clark during a procedure"

"Catch her! She's Clarking!"
by UTSW phrases January 13, 2012
verb - to use a nail gun, to nail
he clarked the leg on the ladder
by phlipo June 08, 2009
An unexpected release of gas out of the ear. Usually very obnoxious and mistaken for a fart. Clarks tend to occur after earthquakes or before going on a roller coaster and they release a toxic looking gas called AH otherwise known as EUWL!!
"I don't wanna go to the boardwalk man - all those roller coasters equal loads of clarks"

"I understand man, you don't want EUWL all over your girlfriend"
by redbluegreen May 29, 2007
To cause serious injury to the nose by the means of foot apparel.
She went to the emergency room after he clarked her with his rainbows.
by SRWellness February 11, 2009
V. clark
A swift grab to the crotch only after yelling out loud "CLARK" to the victim.
-- I'm going to clark you.

-- CLARK!!

by beamcream October 30, 2007
Clarks (Wallabies) are an ill brand of shoes that Ghostface Killah (from Wu-Tang) wears and raps about. Wu-Wear have a lot of clarks style wallabies for sale.
"Boom, yo I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now" - from Glaciers of Ice, by Ghostface Killah
by cypherous-twelve September 20, 2003
Verb: clarked, clarking, clarks

1. To urinate on one's self
2. To injure one's self to the point of bleeding or facial disfigurement
3. To get extremely drunk and pass out in random rooms, lounges, quads, classrooms...
4. To turn on loud music (mostly The Who) just before leaving for the day
4a. To overplay a great song/band to the point where it is ruined for the rest of mankind
5. The act of f*cking up in general
a) Damn I was clarked last night.
b) The girls were disgusted because he was all clarked up at the party.
by McNutt April 01, 2004

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